In PS4, Unchecking "Enable HDCP" doesn't completely disable HDCP.

"Enable HDCP" in PS4 is a super misleading setting item. If you want to capture any screen in PS4, you have to use a display and a splitter which can make HDCP disable, same as you did before.

configuration 1

iMac - (Thunderbolt) - Intensity - (HDMI) - PS4

Intensity ... Thunderbolt to HDMI converter
PS4's "Enable HDCP" is unchecked.

configuration 2

iMac - (Thunderbolt) - Intensity -(HDMI) - HDMI splitter - (HDMI) - PS4

HDMI splitter ...
Without connecting display, it also won't work.

This infers PS4 still keep HDCP enable, when we uncheck "Enable HDCP". I asked Sony's technical support, he's replied "Unchecking "Enable HDCP" doesn't mean completely disabling HDCP for all screens." The below sentences is reply from a Sony's customer support.



So, I asked them, "when should we disable HDCP? Please tell me the actual example." But they told they cannot tell any example and also they cannot say anything more than the user guide. Thanks a lot Sony, I really appreciated your fantastic answer.




But reading the description in the user guide about Enable HDCP, most of people might think unchecking "Enable HDCP" make all of HDCP features in PS4 is disabled, don't they? I mean this description is wrong...

If you remove the checkmark from [System] > [Enable HDCP], the HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) feature will be disabled.

Enable HDCP | PlayStation®4 User's Guide


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